Vacation Rental Marketing

How can a Partnership with Compass Vacation Rentals benefit You?

Compass Vacation Rentals offers professional vacation rental management. Whether your goal is to rent your property seasonally or to generate the maximum revenue annually, Compass Vacation Rentals has a rental management program that is tailored to your needs. Compass accomplishes the highest level of results by utilizing many marketing techniques.



Compass Vacation Rentals has developed our proprietary relational database of hundreds of thousands of bookings and inquiries. This allows us to pinpoint and pursue a very strategic and specific customer. This increases booking rates and our owner's revenue.


Compass Vacation Rentals takes the demographics, seasonality, and personality of our unique location into account with our marketing techniques. As a result, 55% of guests rebook with Compass at some time in the future. Matching the guest with the right property is an important component of Compass’s success. The unusually high rebooking rate is evidence of Compass Vacation Rentals highest level of service, the highest quality product, and proof that our hyper-local approach drives revenue to our owners.


Gain more visibility with more control. Compass has carefully and creatively developed our online marketing approach. Your property will be listed on more than 25 major booking websites. Compass has guaranteed the best placement on these sites. Compass continually monitors the changes that the OTA’s push out to the market and rapidly make the required adjustments. 


Compass Vacation Rentals has partnered with the most successful Facebook and Instagram marketing partner in the country. Through this partnership, Compass Vacation Rentals takes advantage of their proprietary technology. It does what no human can. This technology automatically optimizes our budget across multiple advertising objectives to meet our revenue goals.


Compass Vacation Rentals has the ability to analyze customer engagement. By calculating six levels of engagement Compass Vacation Rentals can identify, can organize, and can customize content to increase customer engagement to increase bookings and revenue. Compass Vacation Rentals can take this a step further by building custom segments. Compass Vacation Rentals uses this to target specific locations to optimize marketing to targeted locations worldwide.


Compass Vacation Rentals is continually evaluating what marketing programs yield the highest results. Frequently we will build and run two variations of the same marketing campaign simultaneously to a small test group. Compass Vacation Rentals tests and measures the effectiveness of the campaigns then the most effective campaign is used. Ensuring the highest ROI.

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